Picture post blog 2k11

I haven’t even had this blog for 24 hrs and its already been whiny blog 2k11

Fuck that shit brah.

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 My friend invited me to this skype convo 2 weeks ago.

At first it was chill, I would say things sometimes and it would be cool. But now, more and more, I feel like they want me out of it. Like they are just tolerating me. I don’t want to be a bother or annoy them. I wish they would just tell me or something. I feel if I just left the convo they’d be offended.


Being a fat black ambisexual midget makes life


You meet some cool people.You get an interesting title.

Being Ambisexual is great, you’re attracted to everyone and them all in a positive light. Everyone is sex and you become so sexual. Every night you imagine yourself in the arms of a different lover. But that never happens to me, due to my complete and utter lack of appeal to all parties. Not to sound self loathing or sad or anything: I’m not attractive. But I’ve basically gotten pat that.

Things I enjoy:

  • Video games
  • skype
  • porn
  • books
  • comics
  • cursing
  • masturbation
  • Music

I’m gonna be pretty blunt here so…deal with that.

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